Financial and payment services

United can support you and your activities with a comprehensive range of financial and payment services. From current account to escrow, and treasury. What makes our services extraordinary is our personal approach. With you, our experienced experts view your situation and use the right mix of services to create maximum value for you.

These services are integrated seamlessly into the trust solutions we create for you. But we can also provide standalone financial and payment services that make a seamless fit with your overall arrangements.

United Bank (United International Bank N.V.) is licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten to provide international banking services. The scope of services available to you may be restricted, however, depending on your local laws and regulations.


Financial and payment services

United, via its fully-licensed bank in Curaçao, can support you and your activities with a comprehensive range of financial and payment services, including:​

  • Commercial financial services
  • Private wealth services
  • Securities services
  • Treasury services
  • Carbon services
  • Structured finance services

These services supplement our trust activities and makes us a one-stop shop for trust clients.  But we can also work seamlessly with your other service providers, building a relationship of trust with all parties. 

Escrow and custody

United is an authorised escrow agent. Whatever kind of transaction you are engaging in, we can open an escrow account for you, where cash, securities, title documents etc. are held in escrow until both parties in the deal have met their obligations.

Escrow is a very versatile solution used in a wide range of situations, such as:

  • International trade finance
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Project finance
  • Capital raising
  • Litigation settlement funds
  • Real estate and construction
  • Pension scheme funding

Using our escrow services means that United takes over your counterparty, banking, country and compliance risk. Also, since escrows are non-credit facilities — with no capital costs, low fees and unlimited capacity — they are a cost-effective alternative to credit-based risk solutions such as standby letters of credit.

With United as your escrow agent, your transaction gets settled faster. Our competent and dedicated staff typically get the account set up in 24 to 48 hours. We draw on our range of standard contract templates that are valid under a variety of governing laws and tailor the chosen contract to your specific escrow structure. Our international network guarantees short lines of communication with local parties. The result: a fast and flexible solution that blends seamlessly with your own processes.


Besides escrow services, United can also offer a longer-term solution for holding assets such as stocks, bonds, precious metals and cash. As your custodian, we guarantee the safekeeping of your assets and perform various related administrative duties, such settling purchases and sales, collecting dividends and coupons and settling withholding tax. Followed, of course, by faultless reporting.

Family Office

As a wealthy family, you have a different approach to asset management than individuals. Your ambitions reach far beyond traditional investment horizons. You are interested in perpetuating your wealth for the benefit of generations to come. Moreover, you need to protect and balance the rights of all your family members.

This is a huge responsibility. One that can cause stress or even discord. United can support you in dealing with it. Our specialists have many years of experience managing the assets of wealthy families. We can set up a Family Office for you to orchestrate family financial business.

It starts with your story. In a personal and confidential intake session with family members, we take stock of your family’s assets and circumstances. We discuss your ambitions, your constraints and the level of involvement you prefer. Based on your needs, our experts develop family-friendly solutions for the issues that you and your family face in relation to your wealth - legal, accounting, tax, investment, real estate, migration, education or personal pension issues, to name a few.

This leaves you free to devote your attention to what really matters to you. Meanwhile, United’s specialised Family Office software enables us to keep you up to date with clear, accurate and efficient reporting: all assets and accounts captured in one seamless net worth statement.

Charitable giving services

Besides caring for your own, as a wealthy individual you may also have charitable ambitions. United can help you maximise your donation to charity without short-changing the people you love.

At United we have extensive experience organising charity. Through our own United Foundation, and by having supported many clients over the years with their charitable initiatives. A structure tailor-made for you by our specialists allows you to donate to the organisation of your choice in a systematic and well-considered manner, and it can give you more influence on how your money is ultimately spent. As part of your estate plan, charitable giving not only benefits your chosen charity, but with the right structuring it will have no negative impact on the net inheritance you leave to your beneficiaries. This mutually beneficial arrangement – engineered by our specialists – gives you the ultimate peace of mind.

Private wealth and trust

If you possess wealth, protecting it should not be your day job. United takes the worry out of wealth for you.  We can assure that your private wealth stays private. And that it remains available for the things that matter to you – whether this is a private plane, the next generation, or a charitable project.

Based on your story and your needs, we will propose a package of legal and financial services especially for you. We unite disciplines, connect networks and cross borders to guarantee you a seamless experience.

  • Financial planning
  • Creating trusts and foundations
  • Providing trustees and board
  • Accounting and reporting
  • Migration and liquidation
  • Family office
  • Marine and aviation
  • Intellectual property




Marine and aviation services

For a private owner, a yacht or an aircraft spells adventure, relaxation, and refuge. For a company, it can be a useful asset for customer relations or business travel purposes. But whether you have work or play in mind, ownership means responsibility.

Are you considering buying a yacht or an aircraft? Let United deal with the responsibility, while you enjoy the benefits of ownership. We have been active in this very special market since 1998 and our connections ensure short lines of communication and seamless processes.

We sit down with you to discuss your situation and your wishes as well as the financial, legal and fiscal aspects. We ensure that the yacht or aircraft is properly acquired, registered in the agreed jurisdiction, well-structured as an asset, duly insured. We can arrange financing for you through our own bank. And through our preferred partners, we can also plan for the yacht or aircraft’s ongoing operation – providing everything from maintenance to fuel and crew.

United can handle all your ownership issues - or you can choose just what you need from our range of modular solutions.

  • True know-how
  • Establishment of suitable ownership structures
  • Initial registration, either private or commercial
  • Ongoing administration

Succession planning

If you own a business, you’ve worked hard to build it and make it a success. And you may still be actively contending with its day-to-day challenges. Don’t let this distract you from a supremely important issue: succession planning. When do you want to pass on your business? To whom? And how? Unfortunately, this is not an issue you can postpone till you are close to retirement. A good succession plan should be part of your business’ contingency plan and forms the cornerstone of your private estate plan.

United’s specialists have many years of experience serving family businesses. We know that each handover involves a unique set of circumstances and personal dynamics. Based on your story and your needs, we can develop a succession plan for you, with expert ownership structuring that protects your assets and guarantees a smooth transition.

Having a succession plan in place, however, is just the beginning. Succession planning, to us, is an ongoing process. We sit down with you annually to review your succession plan and adjust it to changing circumstances if needed.

Financial planning

Possessing wealth exponentially increases your range of choices in life. What it also increases is the impact of the choices you make, in the short term as well as the long term. Greater opportunities, greater risks, greater responsibility. Financial planning is simply essential – and hassle-free, if you engage the support of United. Our experienced and knowledgeable experts help you make sense of all your choices, and how they influence each other. We then combine your choices into a coherent financial plan.

It all begins with your story. In a personal and confidential intake session, we take stock of your assets and your circumstances. We discuss your ambitions, your constraints and the level of involvement you prefer.

Then, using the extensive range of solutions at our disposal – from the establishment of trusts and foundations to investments and charitable giving – we put together a solid financial plan that matches your situation and intentions. One that honours your reputation as well as ours.

Real estate

Investing in and operating real estate involves complex compliance issues, especially on a cross-border level. United has extensive real estate experience in markets around the world. We have a sound knowledge of complex transactions such as large portfolio sales and purchases (both share and asset deals). We can offer expert support with:

  • Compliance with local legislation and regulations
  • Creating and managing ownership structures for real estate
  • Reducing or eliminating counterparty risk (escrow)
  • Investment fund services
  • Depositary services
  • Financing
  • Risk management

Fund services

Supporting alternative investment funds is one of our particular specialties. In Luxembourg, we have a dedicated unit for this: United Fund Services. For our financial, legal and IT specialists, the extraordinary deals you chase - and the services you need to succeed - are nothing out of the ordinary. Your story and your needs make sense to us.

Specialist strengths
Our fund services team has a strong track record in:

  • Funds of funds
  • Private equity
  • Venture capital
  • Alternative and renewable energy investments
  • Real estate
  • Distressed debt
  • Mezzanine financing

Specialist services
In addition to providing general administrative and secretarial services, we act as your transfer agent and:

  • Assist in investment/divestment processes (including brokerage, clearing and settlement of financial market transactions)
  • Calculate your fund’s net asset value (NAV)
  • Coordinate information flows with your custodian bank
  • Handle your subscriptions and redemptions
  • Perform Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) verifications
  • Process draw-downs (notices, follow-up fund inflow)
  • Process distributions (including helping you develop your waterfall distribution model)

Alternatively, you can choose what you need from this range of modular solutions. 

Who we serve

Our financial services supplement our trust activities and makes us a one-stop shop for our trust clients – companies, investment industry players or wealthy individuals.

But if financial services are all you need, we can work seamlessly with your other service providers, building a relationship of trust with all parties.

Open an account with us

United Bank is registered and licensed in Curaçao. Our bank is regulated by the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten and provides financial services within the scope of its licence. We can open a bank account for you with all the options you need. And we can do it quickly – often in 48 hours. This is because we are a lean organisation with short lines of communication and a global, 24/7 work culture. Get in touch with us, so we can discuss your situation and assist you in filling out the online application form.

Our people

We employ hand-selected, seasoned local management. All our managers have experience as entrepreneurs. Together, they make up the local boards that report directly to our international directors.


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United is always open to new talent from around the world. Join us, and be a part of a dynamic and flexible organisation where work is about people, not data. Where you can build a broad range of experience and where you are given responsibility and trust.

To be a part of our team, first-class expertise in the relevant field is a given. Experience is a bonus. A history of social service is an advantage. Integrity and people skills are paramount.