Our services

United offers a comprehensive range of legal and financial services to the international market. Our dedicated, experienced, and multi-lingual teams operate directly from within the local financial communities in which they are based.

Our added value

At United, we deliver top quality service with a personal touch. All of us, including our management, do business directly with and for you, actively and on your behalf. Because we know you, we can proactively answer your needs before you even ask.

Financial and payment services

United, via its fully-licensed bank in Curaçao, can support you and your activities with a comprehensive range of financial and payment services, including:​

  • Commercial financial services
  • Private wealth services
  • Securities services
  • Treasury services
  • Carbon services
  • Structured finance services

These services supplement our trust activities and makes us a one-stop shop for trust clients.  But we can also work seamlessly with your other service providers, building a relationship of trust with all parties. 

Private wealth and trust

If you possess wealth, protecting it should not be your day job. United takes the worry out of wealth for you.  We can assure that your private wealth stays private. And that it remains available for the things that matter to you – whether this is a private plane, the next generation, or a charitable project.

Based on your story and your needs, we will propose a package of legal and financial services especially for you. We unite disciplines, connect networks and cross borders to guarantee you a seamless experience.

  • Financial planning
  • Creating trusts and foundations
  • Providing trustees and board
  • Accounting and reporting
  • Migration and liquidation
  • Family office
  • Marine and aviation
  • Intellectual property




Fund services

Supporting alternative investment funds is one of our particular specialties. In Luxembourg, we have a dedicated unit for this: United Fund Services. For our financial, legal and IT specialists, the extraordinary deals you chase - and the services you need to succeed - are nothing out of the ordinary. Your story and your needs make sense to us.

Specialist strengths
Our fund services team has a strong track record in:

  • Funds of funds
  • Private equity
  • Venture capital
  • Alternative and renewable energy investments
  • Real estate
  • Distressed debt
  • Mezzanine financing

Specialist services
In addition to providing general administrative and secretarial services, we act as your transfer agent and:

  • Assist in investment/divestment processes (including brokerage, clearing and settlement of financial market transactions)
  • Calculate your fund’s net asset value (NAV)
  • Coordinate information flows with your custodian bank
  • Handle your subscriptions and redemptions
  • Perform Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) verifications
  • Process draw-downs (notices, follow-up fund inflow)
  • Process distributions (including helping you develop your waterfall distribution model)

Alternatively, you can choose what you need from this range of modular solutions. 

Corporate services

United is dedicated to supporting you and your company with your projects and corporate administration needs. Benefit from our extensive knowledge, backed up by solid industry experience and combined with proven solutions.

  • Establishment of corporate entities
  • ​Domiciliation, management, administration and secretarial services
  • Accounting and tax services
  • Substance services
  • Termination events (dissolutions, migrations)

Marine and aviation services

For a private owner, a yacht or an aircraft spells adventure, relaxation, and refuge. For a company, it can be a useful asset for customer relations or business travel purposes. But whether you have work or play in mind, ownership means responsibility.

Are you considering buying a yacht or an aircraft? Let United deal with the responsibility, while you enjoy the benefits of ownership. We have been active in this very special market since 1998 and our connections ensure short lines of communication and seamless processes.

We sit down with you to discuss your situation and your wishes as well as the financial, legal and fiscal aspects. We ensure that the yacht or aircraft is properly acquired, registered in the agreed jurisdiction, well-structured as an asset, duly insured. We can arrange financing for you through our own bank. And through our preferred partners, we can also plan for the yacht or aircraft’s ongoing operation – providing everything from maintenance to fuel and crew.

United can handle all your ownership issues - or you can choose just what you need from our range of modular solutions.

  • True know-how
  • Establishment of suitable ownership structures
  • Initial registration, either private or commercial
  • Ongoing administration

Environmental markets services

Worldwide, policies are being developed to address the threat of global warming by curbing carbon emissions. A system of emissions trade is now in place in many countries, where companies are given limited emission permits and must offset any excess carbon emissions by purchasing permits (also called carbon credits) from others who have more than they need.


The financial sector was quick to develop innovative solutions to facilitate the trade in emissions rights. Several United people played a decisive role in pioneering the environmental markets and building the carbon business. Today, they are still among the reputable experts involved in the ongoing development of these markets - as well as still being part of our team.

As a carbon credit broker, United identifies and matches potential buyers and sellers. We also organise and manage carbon credit exchange platforms as well as auctions.

In the environmental markets, United can support you with a full range of services: trading and brokering, escrow and financing, clearing and custody. We can help you develop an environmental market strategy and manage your emissions-reduction transactions. We sit down with you to find a structure for your emissions rights that blends seamlessly with your own processes. And we can advise you on the financial aspects of your emissions reduction project.

Carbon funds

One way you can meet your emissions targets is by setting up a carbon fund. This is an investment fund that invests earmarked company money in emissions-reduction projects in developing countries. The projects generate carbon credits, which your company can use to offset its own emissions.

If you are considering setting up a carbon fund, why not talk to United? Not only do we have eminent environmental markets experts, we also have a dedicated team of highly experienced fund specialists in Luxembourg. We sit down with you and discuss your situation in detail. We help you choose the right fund structure and domicile, and can handle the entire process of creating and managing your fund. Allowing you to pursue your business goals.

  • Escrow and Custody services
  • Brokerage and Clearing
  • Trading and Financing
  • Carbon Fund services

Risk management

Running a business or managing assets well is not a matter of avoiding risk at all cost, but of taking well-considered risks. Our state-of-the-art IT plays a key role in helping us identify your risks, but what really distinguishes United is our people.  Our risk experts are not only cautious, diligent and conscientious, but they are also fully up to date on global market conditions and can tap into a wealth of experience.

Increasing risk awareness
By taking the time to discuss the details of your situation with you, we help you increase your awareness of the business or investment risks you are taking. Then we help you assess whether these risks are in keeping with your financial goals. If not, we work out with you how to mitigate your risks.

We take on risk management as a personal responsibility. We always act in your long-term interest – and you can be certain that every once in a while, this will include saying no.


Contact us to learn more about what United can do for you and your company. We look forward to discussing potential solutions with you.