Luxembourg Capital Markets Association

United a founder of new Luxembourg Capital Markets Association
Key financial hub Luxembourg now has its own Capital Markets Association. LuxCMA, a non-profit organisation, was officially founded on 1 March 2019 by 34 founding members, including Sinan Sar, Director of United Luxembourg.

The new Luxembourg Capital Markets Association represents the common interests of all who work in the capital markets industry in Luxembourg. The founding members aim to make it the single point of contact for authorities, associations, market practitioners and other stakeholders. Its mission is not only to promote Luxembourg’s capital markets, but also to provide networking and collaboration opportunities, as well as foster innovation in the industry. 

The first Executive Board is composed of Julie Becker (Chairperson), Matthias Pelzer (Vice-chairperson), Frank Mausen (Secretaryand : Holger von Keutz (Treasurer).

Membership (either corporate or personal) is open to players or researchers active in the primary capital markets sphere, including bankers, brokers, lawyers, auditors – and corporate service providers like United.

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