One United

From today, the single United brand covers all our financial and legal services. A new website has been launched to introduce our seamless identity.

In 2007, Gregory Elias, who had already earned his spurs in the financial world, took his first steps towards the establishment of his own trust company in Willemstad, Curaçao. In 2009, he launched a Curaçao-based bank to be able to offer his clients the full range of financial and legal services. Since then, our offering has become more and more integrated, as we combined financial and legal services into seamless solutions.

Our clients often cannot see which service is financial and which is legal. From their point of view, the distinction is not relevant. The distinction that matters to them is the one between services they need and services they don’t need. Our new website is built on this principle. Visitors start by choosing the client group they belong to: Corporate Clients, Investment Industry Clients or Private Wealth Clients. This brings them to an environment providing all the information they need, and nothing that is irrelevant to them.

From today, we are United. We chose our company name because it perfectly reflects the essence of what we do: unite disciplines, connect networks and cross borders to create the best solutions for our clients.

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