United Foundation

As a financial service provider, United is in business to earn a profit. But we also believe in investing in society: in music, art, sports and social development. This involves more than financial support: our people commit their knowledge, skills and time to the initiatives that we back.

Through United Foundation – or Fundashon Bon Intenshon as it is known on Curaçao – we provide (financial) support to a wide range of initiatives and organisations related to music, art and culture, sports and social development. As our name suggests, the essence of our corporate culture is uniting. And our services are consistently aimed at giving people the opportunity to realise their ambitions. As for our own ambition with our sponsoring activities, we wish to strengthen the initiatives and organisations that we sponsor, and to build a strong community around them that unites and connects them with our own people and our clients.

We want to do what feels right to us, what matters to us, what helps others, and – importantly – what gives us pleasure. Music brings people together. Art and culture increase social cohesion and improve the quality of life. Sports are a great unifier. And social development is necessary, given that not everybody is as privileged as we are. The values and activities of the foundation are fully aligned with those of United itself – except that profit is not part of the equation.

Mostly our sponsorship is about providing financial support, or material support bought with our money. But on top of this, our people offer their knowledge, skills and physical effort when necessary. Our contribution need not always be visible to all – as we said, we do not have a commercial goal in mind. Wherever we can, we try to involve our clients in our sponsoring activities. With a concrete contribution, or by just joining us now and then in ‘celebrating’ our good fortune in being able to do beautiful, important and enjoyable things in this world!

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