United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, once the centre of an empire that spanned the globe, is still a truly global financial and commercial centre, attracting businesses, wealthy individuals and skilled people from around the world. Its geographical location enables same-day communication with both Asia and the Americas.

London has an unparalleled concentration of international financial and advisory firms with highly skilled multilingual personnel who advise and transact business internationally. The UK is traditionally strong in international securities trade, banking and insurance, while in recent years, the City has been the birthplace of many financial innovations and new markets. This metropolis has the most sought-after real estate worldwide.

Key features

  • Well understood and reliable rules of law
  • Solid, transparent and business friendly regulatory environment
  • Well-educated English-speaking workforce
  • The world’s largest network of worldwide double-taxation treaties
  • Over a hundred bilateral investment treaties (BITs)

United’s London office
United’s London office is one of our key units with a truly international reach in terms of client origin. From here we service sizeable assets with a dedicated, experienced and multi-lingual team of 11 staff operating directly from within the local financial community. We know the ins and outs of the jurisdiction and the wide variety of legal structures available. Our size and management structure allow for short communication lines and hence timely decision making and transaction execution.

Moreover, we are one of the very few UK based corporate service providers to be authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This not only offers you greater comfort when entrusting us to handle your assets, but also allows us to offer services such as escrow which other market participants cannot provide.

United UK offers our full range of corporate, investment industry and private wealth services, working seamlessly with any local service providers needed to create and monitor your tailored solution.

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United offers a comprehensive range of corporate, finance and trust services to the international market. Our dedicated, experienced, and multi-lingual teams operate directly from within the local financial communities in which they are based.


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